In spite of being comprised of shows mainly targeted for young demographics, Teen Titans contains several subtle innuendos, undertones and double entendres that can be construed as sexual in nature. The following list catalogs them by order of episodes.

Line Episode Note
Teen Titans
Significant Episodes: Final Exam | Deception | Betrothed | Revved Up | Titans Together
Teen Titans: Robin | Starfire | Cyborg | Raven | Beast Boy
Villains: Slade | Jinx | Mammoth | Gizmo | Cinderblock | Plasmus | Mad Mod | Brother Blood | Mumbo | Blackfire | Control Freak | Trigon | Madame Rouge | Brain | Monsieur Mallah | General Immortus | Killer Moth | Kitten | Mad Mod | Control Freak | Brushogun
Miscellaneous: Tamaran | Jewel of Charta


Season 3

  • In the episode The Beast Within, Adonis purrs to Raven and says "You're feisty..." when he has her in his grip.

Season 4

  • In the episode Mother Mae-Eye, Starfire covers herself when See-more used X-ray vision.

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