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Blackfire wearing the Jewel of Charta on her collar.

The Jewel of Charta was a red gem from the Swamp Moons of Drenthax IV. It had the power to amplify a Tamaranean's natural abilities.

Blackfire was given the Jewel of Charta by Glgrdsklechhh, a slime-like alien creature, in a secret deal which involved Glgrdsklechhh getting married to Starfire. Blackfire tricked Starfire into marrying the alien creature, so that she could claim the Jewel of Charta from Glgrdsklechhh, so that she can rule however she wants because no-one would even dare challenge her. When this was discovered by Starfire, the two sisters had a brutal fight with each other, which ended with Starfire defeating her sister and crushing the Jewel of Charta in the process.

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