Beast Boy looking into a hypnoscreen

Hypnoscreens are Mad Mod's tools he uses to bend others to his will. They were mostly effective on Beast Boy, but have also been shown to be powerful enough to hypnotize all of Jump City.


  • Pulsating, concentric rings that move left and right over another ring pattern (Robin destroyed it, later used on Beast Boy though they are stationary while pulsating)
  • Moving and morphing diamonds (used on Starfire)
  • Same as Robin's pattern, but moving up and down (used on Beast Boy)
  • Sunburst
  • Swirls


As implied by the name, the screens put the viewer into a hypnotic trance, under which Mad Mod can control his victims. The trance can be broken by making the subject laugh.

It only seemed to have a lasting effect in Revolution, where after being freed from its initial effects, Beast Boy began speaking in a British accent and with British slang, while also praising many aspects of the British Empire. He eventually was freed from these effects, as well.



  • All the hypnoscreens use some form of animated OP (optical) Art, which gained popularity in the 1960's
  • Hidden Hypnoscreens can be found throughout the comic It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World hinting at the plot reveal.