This article is a scripted version of the Teen Titans episode How Long is Forever? This is Season 2 Episode 1 of the series, which aired on the 10th January, 2004.


[Episode begins - Titans Tower at night-time. Night sky in background literally rotates to daytime.]

[Starfire's room - she wakes up to the sound of alarm bells.]

Starfire: [gasps] The day has arrived!

[Starfire presses the button on her Mumbo alarm clock and pulls out various doodads from her middle drawer.]

[She leans out of her room, and giggles to herself before zipping into the hallway. She tip-toes from wall to wall, dropping one of her green boxes on the way, so she reaches back around the wall and picks it up. She then walks through an automatic door into the main room.]

Starfire: Happy Blorthog! [Question mark appears on her head.] Huh?

[The other Titans are already in the room. Raven in sitting in the left side of the room, trying to read her book. Robin is listening to loud music on the other side, and Cyborg and Beast Boy are sitting in the centre fighting over their video game controller.]

Cyborg: Come on, Beast Boy, give me that thing!

Beast Boy: Dude! I'm in the middle of a game, Cyborg!

Cyborg: Yeah! My game, 'cause it's MY TURN!

Beast Boy: Give me the controller! [Raven continues to read her book.]

Cyborg: No! Let go! [Starfire stares at the two boys.]

Beast Boy: It's my turn! [Starfire begins walking towards them.]

Starfire: Friends, we must frolic and leap in glorious celebration, for today is Blorthog, the Tamaranean festival of friendship! [Cartoon roses appear around her head as she glances a big smile. After seconds of no reply, the roses fall away. She drops her doodads as Cyborg rocks backwards on the sofa, still fighting Beast Boy over the controller.] Joyous greeting, friend! I, Starfire, give you this tinnabula as a symbol of...

[Beast Boy turns into an octopus, and uses one of his tentacles to grab Cyborg.]

Cyborg: [To Beast Boy.] You're going to pay for that, you little grass stain!

Starfire: [Gasps and steps back.]

[Beast Boy and Cyborg crash into a wall, causing the room to vibrate. Beast Boy leaps back onto the couch (in Frog form) holding the controller in his mouth. He then turns back into his human form and starts pressing buttons on the controller, despite not even looking at the screen.]

Starfire: Many blessings, friend. May your ears be filled with sugar candies and...

Cyborg: Beast Boy!

Beast Boy: Look, I'll give you back the controller as soon as Raven gives back my nail clippers!

[Cyborg grabs Beast Boy and pulls him off-screen.]

Raven: Not going to happen. How else am I supposed to keep your toenails off the coffee table?

Starfire: Happiness and delight, friend! On this wondrous day, I wish you sunshine and funny... [Raven's eyebrow starts twitching underneath her anger. Starfire starts walking backwards, laughing weakly.]

Raven: Robin, could the music be a little louder? I can still hear myself think.

[Cut to Robin's side of the room. Beast Boy and Cyborg are STILL lighting over the controller, creating a giant dust cloud in the process. Robin can be visibly seen getting angrier and angrier.]

Robin: I only turned the music up TO DROWN OUT ALL THE YELLING!

["Gag scene." Starfire, visibly annoyed, watches as Beast Boy and Cyborg run behind her, still fighting each other. Robin's and Raven's heads float around Starfire and watch as well. Cyborg runs on-screen with the controller in his hand.]

Cyborg: Who's turn is it now, tough guy?! Who's turn is it now?!

Robin: [With fire coming out of his mouth.] Knock it off! I can't work with you two acting like idiots!

Raven: Great, Robin. More yelling will definitely stop all the yelling.

[Beast Boy turns into a bear and chases Cyborg.]

Starfire: Friends, please! You must not... [Cyborg starts taunting Beast Boy in front of Starfire, standing on top of the necklace in her hands.] I-If we could simply... Happy Blor...?

[The necklace breaks underneath Cyborg, sending him onto the ground off-screen. In slow-motion, the bells hit the ground and bounce off in different directions. Starfire begins to be crippled with anger, and eventually gives in.]

Starfire: Stop! ["Gag scene" stops.] Friends must never behave this way. And especially not on Blorthog! Do you wish to invite the Rekmas?

Beast Boy: Gesundheit?

Starfire: On my planet, Rekmas means, "The drifting," the point at which close friends begin to drift apart. [The background turns black, and Starfire imagines the others floating off-screen.] And their friendship begins to die.

Cyborg: Oh, come on, Starfire.

Beast Boy: We are so not Rek-whatever.

Raven: We're just getting on each other's nerves a little. Big deal.

Robin: Yeah, this is just... typical room-mate stuff. We're not going to drift apart, Star. I promise, we'll all be friends forever.

Starfire: Forever?

Robin: [His communicator beeps. Robin pulls it off of his belt and looks at the screen.] Titans, trouble!

[Robin, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg run off-screen. Starfire sadly looks at the broken necklace on the ground for a second before flying off to join them.]

[Opening title plays.]

[Cut to the Jump City Museum. Inside are all sorts of old clocks and a special artefact in the middle of the room. A black portal opens next to the artefact, and Warp walks out of it. Two guards walk up to him as he stares at the artefact.]

Guard 1: Hey! Stop!

'Warp': Stop yourselves! [[[Warp ]] activates a waveform that freezes the two guards.] I didn't journey back in time 100 years to squabble, I came to steal... The clock of eternity. Valuable in the past, priceless in the future. [Out of nowhere, a bird-arang hit Warp in the chest and lands in the ground.]

Robin: But for the present... You'll keep your filthy hands off of it!

Warp: The Teen Titans. This is a treat. I've read all about you in historical archives. [Red devices begin to emerge out of his armour.] And now, you're all history! [The devices shoot red laser beams at the Titans.]

Robin: Titans, go!

[The five of them leap out of the way of the lasers, and the following explosion. Warp continues shooting lasers in Robin's direction. Robin spins his staff in circles in effort to deflect them, but this results in his staff breaking. Starfire flies on screen with Beast Boy in lion form. Starfire shoots a starbolt at Warp, who deflects it hack at her, sending her backwards. Beast Boy leaps on to Warp, but a conductor device emerges from the armour and shocks him.]

Raven: Azarath metrion zinthos!

[Raven uses magic to pick up two grandfather clocks and throws them at Warp, who deflects them using his hands. A blue light beam shoots from his head, pushing Raven backwards. Cyborg shoots at Warp using his built-in sonic cannon.]

Cyborg: Booyah! Huh?

[Warp starts walking closer to Cyborg, using his armour to create a blue, electric shield around himself. He closes the shield and throws an egg timer on Cyborg's chest, which suddenly ticks and electrocutes him.]

Cyborg: Stop... draining my power cell!

Warp: You cannot defeat Warp. I am from the future.

[He throws three more devices at Robin, who deflects two of them using one bird-arang. The last one continues towards Robin and Starfire, who evade it and its following explosion.]

Warp: The new relics are 100 years out of date.

[Warp walks towards the relic in the middle of the room, and uses a sort of transparency technique to move his arm through the glass and pick up the relic. He then pushes a button on his armour to open another portal.]

Warp: Ta-ta, Titans. I have enjoyed out time together, but I've got a very bright future ahead of me.

[He proceeds to walk through the portal. Starfire grabs hold of him as he disappears through the portal, resulting in her disappearing inside the portal as well. Robin attempts to grab Warp too, but is too late, as the portal closes just in time.]

Robin: Starfire!

[A clock moves away from the screen, as the camera pans outwards to reveal Starfire, still struggling with Warp.]

Warp: Let go!

Starfire: You have endangered my friends, and ruined Blorthog!

Warp: Stop! If you damage the suit before we reach my future... No!

[Starfire removes a device placed on his chest armour. Warp starts to fall away from Starfire and disappear with all of the clocks in the background. With a flash of lightning, Starfire begins to fall as well, screaming in fear before she lands in snow. She stands up and begins shivering.]

Starfire: What has happened? Why is it cold? And where am I...?

[She looks up to see the remains of Titans Tower, no lights are on and several windows have been broken.]

Starfire: Friends...

[Inside the tower, there is a hole in the roof that snowflakes are falling through. There are all sorts of bent and disassembled parts across the ceiling and floor. Starfire is seen walking upstairs.]

Starfire: Friends? Hello? Friends? Hello?

[She forcefully pushes open a door and walks inside with a gasp to see their living room falling apart. Her bells are still on the floor, moving slightly nearby her feet. She looks down at them and picks them up, watching as one of the bells falls apart on her hand. A red light emerges from behind her.]

Starfire: [Gasps.] Cyborg! Oh, Cyborg, thank goodness you are...

[Starfire uses the green energy from her hands to light up the room, to see a small cybernetic bug salvaging computer parts. This scares Starfire, and she immediately shoots at it using a Starbolt, causing more to emerge from behind the parts. She continues shooting at them all, until they have all disintegrated.]

Cyborg: Yo! Who's up here blasting my... [Cyborg, looking much older than normal, walks towards Starfire.] Star? [He drops a metal rod he was holding.] Starfire... I don't believe it. You.. you haven't aged a day.

Starfire: Cyborg, what has happened? Why are you...

Cyborg: Old? Well, that's what happens to folks when you go away for twenty years.

Starfire: Twenty years?!

Cyborg: You disappeared, Star. That battle with warp was a long time ago. You fell through a wormhole and, well... Welcome to the future.

Starfire: The future? But... [She pulls Warp's device from her belt.] I damaged his technology.

[Cyborg takes it from Starfire and visually studies it.]

Cyborg: Warp was planning to jump ahead 100 years, right? Looks like you stopped him at twenty.

Starfire: Still, I am confused. Please, why are you in disrepair?

Cyborg: Let's just say that things haven't gone so well since you left.

Starfire: But what of the other Titans? Where are our friends?

Cyborg: The Titans are history, Star. Our friends aren't friends any more.

Starfire: No. You are wrong. This... everything is wrong! How could such terrible things... [She looks at Warp's device.] Warp! His interference in the past must have changed our future.

Cyborg: Star, I don't think...

Starfire: He caused all this madness to happen. He made this technology and he is the one who can make things right!

[She leaps up and lands next to Cyborg.]

Starfire: We must find Warp! You will help me?

Cyborg: I wish I could, but my last power cell burned out years ago. [He nods towards a generator hooked up to his systems.] I've tried adapting this stuff to my old circuits, but, I can't leave the tower, Star. I'm obsolete. [Silence.] Maybe one of the others can help. I can tell you how to find BB and Raven...

Starfire: [Flying outside.] And Robin?

Cyborg: We lost touch a long time ago. If you're looking for him, you're on your own.

[Inside a wooden building, Beast Boy in seal form attempts balancing a red ball on his nose. He throws it up, and turns into a frog to catch it. Two boys watch on as Beast Boy performs more cheap entertainment, turning into a Panda to balance the ball. He then turns into a pig, still balancing the ball on his nose. One of the boys throws a snowball at him, and they both start laughing.]

Kid #1: You stink, pig!

[The two keep throwing snowballs at him, causing Beast Boy to hide behind one of his boxes. The two boys finish by throwing their ice cream at him, and walking away. Starfire flies in front of the cage, and on sight, Beast Boy returns to human form, him too looking older.]

Beast Boy: No way! It's you! But how?

Starfire: I require your help.

Beast Boy: What kind of help?

Starfire: The future is not as it should be. We must find Warp. I will free you from this... [She begins to release starbolts.]

Beast Boy: This cage isn't to keep me in! It's to keep those maniacs out!

[Starfire stops and walks closer to the cage.]

Beast Boy: Look, after the Titans broke up, I tried the whole, "Solo hero," thing, and got my butt kicked. A lot. So now, well... [He turns into a chicken and caws.] Besides, I'm in the show biz, now.

[The camera pans to show a sign labelled, "The One Man Zoo, Freakish Wonder."]

[Now inside an old apartment building, Starfire opens a door to see Raven, in a white cloak, sulking in the corner.]

Starfire: Raven? Raven, it is Starfire, your friend.

Raven: No... such... thing.

Starfire: Please, Raven, I...

Raven: Just another figment... don't even look.

Starfire: You must listen! I am here because...

Raven: I'm never coming back! Go away! [She flies away into another corner of the room.] Just go away. Just like before. Just like all the others.

Starfire: Your mind. Without the others, you must have...

[Starfire attempts to place her hand on Raven, to be greeted by a magic force-field. She moves her hand back and gasps. Knowing that she isn't wanted, Starfire walks sadly out of the room and closes the door.]

[Outside, Starfire is shown walking through a cold, snow-covered alley, when she is suddenly greeted by laser bolts. She screams and steps backwards.]

Warp: What's the matter, dear? Have I come at a bad time?

[Warp, standing on top of a nearby building, continues to shoot lasers at Starfire. She flies up and starts throwing starbolts in defence. Warp's force-field simply blocks her bolts. She flies closer to warp, only to be frozen by Warp's wavelengths. The heavy piece of ice falls to the ground and shatters, leaving Starfire in pain on the ground. Warp walks up to her.]

Starfire: You have also become old.

Warp: That's what happens when someone steals my vortex regulator! The regulator, if you please.I really must get back to my future.

[Starfire stands up in anger.]

Starfire: If you ever wish to see your future, you will repair all the damage you have done to my past!

Warp: Damage? Silly girl. There's nothing wrong with your past. One cannot, "damage," history, because history cannot be changed. I went back in time to steal this, because history says it disappeared, and history says it disappeared because I went back to steal it. Past, present, future. It's all written in stone, my dear. [Warp takes the regulator device from Starfire.] And nothing you do can ever change it.

[Out of nowhere, Nightwing shows up and throws Warp into a faraway wall. He picks up bird-arangs from his belt and throws them at Warp, detonating on impact. Unfortunately, Warp's shield protected him from the flames.]

Warp: Another time, perhaps.

[Just as Nightwing was about to slam Warp into the ground, he disappears through a portal, leaving only snow for Nightwing to punch at.]

Nightwing: It's good to see you again.

Starfire: Robin?

Nightwing: I haven't used that name in a long time. Call me Nightwing.

[Panning across the city, then Nightwing's place. Starfire is seen walking past a statue holding Robin's classic uniform. She looks at it and sighs. Nightwing walks up to her and places a blanket around her arms.]

Nightwing: I heard you've been looking for help.

Starfire: There is nothing you can do. There is nothing anyone can do. The past cannot be repaired and the future cannot be altered, no matter how wrong it seems.

Nightwing: So, its impossible. Good. If memory serves, we've done the impossible before. I held on to this, just in case.

[Robin presses a button on the control panel, revealing his communicator device, still in good condition. He picks it up and presses a button on the side. Starfire's communicators begin flashing, as does Beast Boys's, Raven's and Cyborg's.]

[Back at the museum, Warp can be seen tinkering with another regulator device, two frozen guards just standing nearby.]

Warp: Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Just a few more seconds, and I shall finally...

[Nightwing's staff once again throws the device out of Warp's hand. Nightwing and Starfire are hovering over a platform above.]

Nightwing: The future will have to wait, you just ran out of time.

Warp: Rah!

[Warp starts throwing lasers again. Nightwing and Starfire evade the explosion. Nightwing throws bird-arangs and Starfire emits a green energy beam, both of which are resisted by Warp's shield. Warp continues to fire lasers at the two, and Starfire continues throwing star bolts. Nightwing jumps into the air and manages to jab his staff into one of Warp's laser cannons, causing to malfunction and break. With his guard down, Starfire shoots a star bolt into Warp's back. As revenge, his last remaining laser cannon is activated, and starts firing in Starfire's direction. Nightwing's staff is pushed into the ground, sending Warp into the air, still firing lasers. Nightwing deflects them using his staff, and then starts whacking Warp with it. Eventually, he gets pushed onto the ground, cornered by Nightwing and Starfire. The laser cannon shoots at the ceiling above them, and drops debris all over Strarfire, covering her.]

Nightwing: Star!

[The laser then pushes Nightwing backwards. Warp makes a run for the burner he left on the ground, but gets thrown back my a sonic beam.]

Cyborg: Booyah.

Starfire: Cyborg! [Flies to Cyborg.] You are repaired!

Nightwing: Glad you could make it.

Cyborg: Wouldn't have missed it. Now who said you all could start without me?

Warp: [Walking towards the trio.] So sorry, perhaps I should finish you first!

[Beast Boy, in lion form, claw's Warp's armour, causing more machinery to malfunction. Warp tries to use his remaining laser cannon, but is picked up and thrown into the wall by Raven's magic. She then appears, in a bird-style intro.]

Raven: Nobody hurts my friends.

Beast Boy: Dude, that is so unfair.

[Warp uses his last remaining device to open a portal.]

Warp: It seems my time has come.

[Nightwing throws a bird-arang, which lands in his vortex regulator, breaking it instantly.]

Warp: No! No! [Begins shrinking underneath his armour.] No...!

[Beast Boy pulls off the armour, to reveal a crying baby in Warp's place.]

Beast Boy: Okay, I am not changing any diapers.

[The portal begins to close.]

Cyborg: We got to get you home. Come on.

[Cyborg pulls the broken vortex regulator off of Warp's chest, attaches it to his sonic blaster and uses it to keep the portal open.]

Cyborg: I'm redirecting the wormhole. Starfire, go!

Starfire: [Walks towards the portal slowly.] Please, must this really be our future? Is there nothing I can do to change it?

Nightwing: [Walks up to Starfire.] I'm sorry, there isn't time.

[Nightwing places the artefact in Starfire's hands. Her eyes begin welling tears as she walks through the portal and disappears.]

[Back in the present, Warp can be seen about to enter the portal like at the beginning.]

Warp: Ta-ta, Titans. I've enjoyed our time together, but I've got a bright future ahead of me.

[Starfire charges against Warp, and the two fall through the portal, followed by Robin, who fails to enter the portal and rolls along the ground.]

Robin: Starfire!

Beast Boy: Um, where'd she...

[Another portal opens up, and Starfire is thrown out of it.]

Beast Boy: Dude!

Cyborg: Whoa!

Robin: Starfire... What happened?

Starfire: History said it disappeared... [She bends upright to reveal the undamaged artefact.] But history was wrong!

[Epilogue scene - The five of them are inside Titans Tower, in the living room as usual.]

Starfire: ...then Nightwing handed me the clock, and I entered the vortex.

Raven: Whoa!

Beast Boy: [Crying] Bald! You're telling me I'm going to be bald!

Cyborg: Guess you were right about all that Rekma stuff.

Robin: I don't want us to drift apart. Does it all have to happen? Isn't there anything we can...?

Starfire: Our friendship has already changed Warp's past. I believe it can also change our future.

Raven: So, is it too late to do this festival of friendship thing? [Raven uses her magic to reassemble the broken necklace from the beginning of the episode.]

Starfire: Oh, its never too late!

Cyborg: Happy Blorthog!

Beast Boy: I thought it was Wart-hog.

Raven: Okay, I feel like a wind-chime.

[Starfire places a necklace on Robin.]

Robin: So, Nightwing, huh?

[End credits.]

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