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Homecoming - Part 1 is the 53rd episode of the Teen Titans series and the 1st episode of the Season 5.


When Beast Boy's former team The Doom Patrol is in trouble, the Titans must embark on a daring mission to save them. Beast Boy explains that this can only mean one thing: the Doom Patrol's greatest foes are back. The Brotherhood of Evil has returned. The Titans manage to find and free the Doom Patrol, largely due to Beast Boy's participation, but his willingness to save his friends has enabled the Brotherhood of Evil to claim "the most devastating power in the cosmos", endangering the entire planet, and possibly beyond, which Mento blames on Beast Boy for his disobedience. A few years later, Beast Boy was sent a distress signal from Mento. After receiving it, Beast Boy went to rescue his old teammates.


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Doom Patrol members...
  • This episode also marks the first appearance of the Season 5 main villains, The Brotherhood of Evil...
  • This episode shows us the first time Beast Boy transformed into a Tyrannosaurus.
  • Throughout the episode, Beast Boy refers to the Doom Patrol by their given names rather than hero names
  • This is one of the few episodes where Beast Boy shows a serious side.
    • This episode implies most of Beast Boy's personality and antics are an act to mask his sadness with the Doom Patrol.


Mento: You don't understand. I read the Brain's mind, Beast Boy. He has a new quantum generator, and it works. The most devastating power in the cosmos is now in the hands of a mad man, because you couldn't follow orders. (Pauses) We've got a planet to save. Doom Patrol, move out.

Cyborg: (In reference to the locator pod) So, uh, why isn't it attacking?
Beast Boy: Because it's for me.
Mento: (On locator pod) Beast Boy, this locator pod has found you and you know what it means.
Beast Boy: The Doom Patrol's in trouble.
Mento: (On locator pod) Our last location was in the Amazon jungle. You should begin your search there. Beast Boy, you know what must be done. I'm counting on you.
Robin: What could have happened to them?
Beast Boy: It's the Brotherhood of Evil. After we stopped their blackhole machine years ago, they went underground. Mento must have finally found them.

Starfire: This patrol of doom, why do you never speak of them?
Cyborg: Seriously, the Doom Patrol are legends. You got to have some good stories.
Beast Boy: It was something I did once. I'm a Titan now. You're moving too slow! (Morphs into bird, flies off)
Raven: He's acting strange, even for Beast Boy.

Beast Boy: Beast Boy's All-Star Prop Comedy Revue! I know what you're thinking. There's nothing more annoying than when you can't play your tuba in the bathtub. 

(Robin's snoring, Cyborg's eyes are glazed over and he slumps over in boredom, and Raven is hidden behind her book.)

Raven: More annoying than this?

Starfire: (pops up excitedly and shushes the others) SHHHHH!!! Please, continue!!!

Beast Boy: Well, that won't be a problem if you have a tuborkel! Get it? It's part tuba, part snorkel! Tuborkel! Huh? Well?

(Raven sighs as Beast Boy plays the Teen Titans theme, but is interrupted by the locator pod bursting into the tower and the security system reporting an intruder.)

Cyborg: All right! We're under attack! 


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