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Real Name Glgrdsklechhh
Aliases Exalted Schlurch
Place of Origin Swamp Moons of Drenthax IV
Headquarters Swamp Moons of Drenthax IV
Species Schlurch
Affiliations Blackfire
Partners Blackfire
Relatives Starfire's husband (almost) & Blackfire and Wildfire's brother-in-law (almost)
Powers & Abilities Shoots sticky green projectile glop
Weapon His kingdom's army
Goal Marrying Starfire (formerly)
First Appearance Betrothed
Voiced By Dee Bradley Baker

Glgrdsklechhh is an alien and the ruler of the planet Drenthax IV.

Character History

As the ruler of Drenthax IV, Glgrdsklechhh was either still single or polygamous. He plotted with Blackfire to win himself a wife and queen consort, while Blackfire did not miss the opportunity to get revenge on her sister Starfire for having ferried her to jail: In exchange for the Jewel of Charta, which was at that time in Glgrdsklechhh's possession, Blackfire (as the Grand Ruler of Tamaran then) would grant him Starfire's hand. Knowing that Starfire would be very concerned for the welfare of her people, they staged an invasion by the Drenthax army to make this a highly political matter and force Starfire to acquiesce.

Blackfire's expressive pronunciation of Glgrdsklechhh's name
Daniel46Added by Daniel46
The plot was exposed when the Teen Titans, whom Starfire had invited as her wedding guests, found out about the insidious deal; Blackfire was publicly exposed and defeated by her sister. As a result of this deception and because Glgrdsklechhh was not the kind of husband she would have liked to have—Starfire called off the wedding, and Glgrdsklechhh returned to his home planet. Glgrdsklechhh married Blackfire, and was revealed to have 4 babies though this was in the non-canon New Teen Titans shorts.


  • Glgrdsklechhh is pronounced "Glerdle-skletch", with an added hiss.
  • He's shown to be very repulsive to everyone even to Galfore who growled at him.
  • Because Glgrdsklechhh and his species are implied to not be very mobile he is seen moving around on a hovering chair. 
  • It's shown at the end of Betrothed that Starfire can't pronounce his name. 

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