Geo-Force is a character and superhero appearing exclusively in the Teen Titans Go! comic series (#51 Metamorphosis). He is also a member of the Outsiders.

Character history

Geo Force Terra

Geo Force and his younger sister, Terra

Geo Force is the older brother of Terra and the crown prince of Markovia, his and Terra's homeland. He showed up in America looking for his younger sister, Terra, to bring her back to Markovia.

After he had come in contact with the Titans, Beast Boy brought him to the school where he met the schoolgirl who looked like Terra. Geo-Force was certain that the schoolgirl was, in fact, his sister Terra, but he remarked that she looked happy now, something he had never seen in Markovia. Deciding not to confront her, he left her to grow up happy in Jump City and headed back to Markovia alone. When flying off with Beast Boy, Terra appears to have caught a glimpse of her brother, and gives a smile before continuing to talk to her friends, indicating that she does indeed remember him.

Abilities and Powers

He possess earth-manipulating/controlling abilities that are very similar to his younger sister Terra's.

Character Facts

  • In the DC Comics, Geo-Force and Terra had received their extraordinarily strong geokinetic, terrakinetic abilities through science experiments, which had genetically altered their DNA and evolved them into superhuman beings.
  • When Markovia was invaded by a villain called Baron Bedlam, Geo-Force became a founding member of Batman's new team, the Outsiders, after Batman had quit the Justice League because they wouldn't interfere in the conflict for political reasons.


  • Geo is Greek for "earth" and in Greek mythology, the mighty goddess of the Earth was named Gaia.

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