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Fractured is the 24th episode of Teen Titans series and the 11th episode of season 2.


During a chase with the vandal Johnny Rancid on the R-Cycle, Robin breaks his arm, the R-Cycle is wrecked, and Rancid gets away after he taunts Robin to no end. Robin blames himself for this blunder, as the other titans tackle him to prevent him from doing any more, but to their surprise Robin states he was reaching for the remote and actually admits that he is in no condition to go after Rancid anymore. They question him on this as he tells them he's leaving his teammates to it. Suddenly, he feels a pain and an inter-dimensional, impish version of himself called "Nosyarg Kcid" (Dick Grayson backwards) bursts out from Robin's skull. Larry (the name the Titans decide to call him out of simplicity) introduces himself and explains that he has a magic finger which can bend the rules of reality. As he is not only Robin's extra-dimensional counterpart, but also his biggest fan. Larry decides to help his idol and thus come into this dimension but messed up on the way - something which happens to him quite often.

Fractured b

Instant urban developments

The Teen Titans don't stay for long because they are alerted to Johnny Rancid wreaking havoc downtown. While the other Titans go after him, Larry stays behind and tries to fix Robin's broken arm. When he becomes too pushy, Robin gets angry and wrestles with Larry. However, in the scuffle Robin accidentally breaks Larry's "magic finger", causing reality to become distorted. Robin and Larry are hurled into the city, which has turned into a manifestation of a preschooler's drawing, and everything else goes haywire (especially Beast Boy's mouth). The only place that looks normal is Titans Tower, where Larry's power is bursting from.

After many difficulties, the Titans make it back to the Tower's roof, but Johnny Rancid also appears and jumps into the power surge before the Titans can stop him, turning into a demonic version of himself and transforming Jump City into a macabre version of itself. The Titans chase after him, but Rancid manages to disable them by bending reality to his own liking and escapes into the city. Robin is frustrated because he thinks he will mess up yet again, but Larry helps him recover his confidence by saying "You're my hero because you never give up."

Rancid is wreaking havoc in the city when Robin suddenly appears on his R-Cycle, with Larry having granted it the ability to fly with what little power he can get out of his finger. Robin and Larry now taunt Johnny Rancid, who becomes so angry that he loses control of himself. Robin kicks him off his bike, and Larry recovers his powers from the villain; the city returns to normal, Rancid is stripped of his powers and defeated.

Just before Larry departs again, Robin decides to show his gratitude by allowing him to fix his arm. Unexpectedly, Larry succeeds, but in turn Robin now finds himself stranded in another dimension ...


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  • This episode's title song is sung by Puffy AmiYumi producer Toshiro Kai. The passing of Larry on the bike is also reminiscent of the title sequence of each episode from the 60s Batman series where Yvonne Craig guest-starred as Batgirl.
  • The other Titans affected by the Johnny's alternate reaction are Raven, whose hairdo has been changed into a Marge Simpson-type style from The Simpsons,The Black Bird Raven and Starfire's head grows bird-like wings and flies off her neck and shoulders.
  • Larry busting out of Robin's forehead is most likely a shout-out to the anime series FLCL.
  • Johnny's Demon-like form looks like Akuma from the games series Street Fighter.
  • Larry's real name (Nosyarg Kcid) is Dick Grayson spelled backwards.
  • This episode is the first time we ever hear Starfire's voice use a contraction. When Cyborg takes her mouth to talk, he says "Y'all" in Starfire's voice.
  • While Larry was repeating his new name, the figure looks like a classic Robin or Jason Todd.
  • While attempting to "fix" Robin's arm, Larry turns it into a chainsaw, a play on the character Ash Williams of the Evil Dead trilogy.
  • When Larry is coming out of Robin's forehead, it looked like the bump on Starfire's forehead when her transformation first started.
  • Mad Mod, Trident, Doctor Light and Cinderblock make a cameo when Larry explains he watches Robin beat the bad guys all the time.
  • This is a rare time where Robin doesn't try obsess over going after a villain.


  • Since Robin's right arm was fractured, he has been wearing a cast. In multiple scenes, both arms are in their regular gloves and no cast is present.
  • When Beast Boy put on his mouth backwards, it appears the right way after he flies on top of the Tower.

Memorable Dialogue

  • Starfire: Robin, you are feeling okay?
    Robin: The universe is falling apart because I made another stupid mistake. How would you feel?

  • Cyborg: Why does the entire world looks like that it belongs on my grandma's fridge?

  • Larry: Larry fixed the bi-hike!
    Johnny Rancid: [at first slackjawed, then going red with rage] YEAH! AND IT'S THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!
    Robin: Have you looked in the mirror lately?

  • Raven: This is bad.
    [Beast Boy runs around, letting out unintelligible panicked yells because his mouth is missing]
    Raven: Okay, so it's not all bad.

  • Raven: Cool. I mean, oops.

  • Beast Boy : [after he puts his mouth on backwards] !gniyas m'I tahw dnatsrednu t'nac I  !PLEH (HELP! I can't understand what I'm saying!)

  • Robin: Look, guys. Thanks for the concern, but -
    All Titans: NO!!! [Pin him down to the sofa]
    Starfire: You are in no condition to be battling the Johnny Rancid!
    Robin: I know. I was just reaching for the remote.

  • Johnny Rancid: [To Robin] You're just a STUPID, LITTLE KID!

  • Larry: Titans go! Titans go! Robin has to beat the bad guy!
    Robin: I can't.
    Larry: But why can't you? You're Robin!
    Robin: Don't you get it?! Look at me! I'll just mess it up again!
    Larry: So? I mess up all the time! But I still try. That's how come you're my hero Robin. Because no matter what, you always try.