Episode Number {{{episode number}}}
Broadcast Number {{{broadcast number}}}
Season {{{season}}}
Original Airdate {{{original airdate}}}
Production Code {{{production code}}}
Guest Characters {{{guest characters}}}
Written By {{{written by}}}
Directed By {{{directed by}}}
Previous Episode {{{previous episode}}}
Next Episode {{{next episode}}}


{{Character Infobox
|name         =
|image        =
|caption      =
|episode number
|broadcast number  =
|season       =
|original airdate      =
|production code       =
|guest characters      =
|written by   =
|directed by  =
|previous episode      =
|next episode          =
|weapon       =
|pastime      =
|dislikes     =
|first        =
|voice        =

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