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Dionne Rochelle Murray is a Senior at Murakami High School. She was one of Terra's best friends, together with Amber. In the episode Things Change, Terra was standing near the entrance of Murakami High School when Beast Boy saw her talking with her friends. Beast Boy called out to Terra and Amber asked her friend "You know him?" to which Terra shrugged. The three girls refused to talk to Beast Boy and they walked away from him. When Beast Boy asked Terra to go get pizza with him, Dionne and Amber blocked Beast Boy from getting near Terra. Amber said that Terra was not interested and Dionne called Beast Boy "Brat Boy," proving themselves good friends by defending her from an apparent stalker. However, Terra, moved by how upset Beast Boy was, agreed to "maybe one slice." Dionne and Amber were shocked by this, while Beast Boy was delighted. "You sure you wanna go with this guy?" Amber said, but Terra said that it was okay. The next day, Beast Boy questioned Dionne and Amber about where Terra was, but they didn't answer him.



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