Issue 52: Dial H for Hero

This takes place at the Titans Tower. They are discussing an incident that occured earlier. When Punk Rocket was robbing/ destroying a music store Cyborg and Beast Boy show up to stop him. When Beast Boy got ready for fight he could not transform. He kept on trying but he couldn't. When Cyborg was experiencing some difficulties a new hero apears, Changeling. Note that Changeling was Beast Boy's first Title until the creator changed it. The new hero took care of Punk Rocket and dissappeared. When Beast Boy's changing powers are returning, Jinx arrives with Kid Flash leaning against her looking weak. Jinx begs Raven to help Kid Flash despite them being enemies before. Starfire assures Jinx that they will help Kid Flash but they need to know what happened. They were both at the carnival, KId Flash was trying to win Jinx a prize. But something had went wrong. When he was throwing the ball at the pins it just dropped to the floor. It was like he had lost all his energy. When Jinx asked him what was wrong he replied that he felt a bit drained. Suddenly Billy Numerous is in the scene stealing prizes and causing chaos. When the two get ready for action Kid Flash was going slower than Jinx and he said that for some reason he could not run. Suddenly another new hero Jesse Quick. He quickly takes care of all the Billy's and disapears. Jinx said that he was all over Billy Numerous and that he disapeared as fast as he took care of Billy. When she notices some sadness in Kid Flash's face she quickly says "Sorry I'd didn't mean..." he interrupts her saying "Don't worry slowpoke not your fault". Suddenly Jinx outs some guilt on her shoulder saying or is it? Robin quickly jumps at her comment by saying, "You've Jinxed people's powers to misfire our backfire but you have never drained someone of all their power. Robin then suggests that Kid Flashes powers will be back in about an hour like Beast Boy's. Later on Robin is abserving all the new heros they have seen and how many heros lost their powers for a while. They then search the cities for these new heroes wanting to ask questions. Raven pints out the mysterious dark figure on top of a building. This time Robin is fealing weak and he can't hold up fire fighting rod. He then commands the Titans to get him and that he would catch up. When they corner him he says that his name was Protector and that he was passing through the neighborhood. When he ties up Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy he makes his escape. Raven teleports to his location only to find a little boy with an amuleant. Back at the tower they discover that the little boy used the magic amulet to gain powers and help people. He claimed that he did not know that he was taking other people's powers and he was let go without any charges seeing how he was innocent and he did not take powers at the wrong time.The Titans take the amulet for studying and the boy said that maybe one day he could become his own hero.


  • The title refers to a comic book feature published by DC Comics about a mysterious dial that enables an ordinary person to become a superhero for a short time.
  • The title is also a reference to the film Dial M for Murder.

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