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Channel Chasers

is The Made-for-TV Movie, and the first one to feature blitzwing as the main antagonist.


Moon Knight,Beast Boy,Gumball and Darwin is fed up with everyone not believing Them about Longarm, and after an incident that leaves them waiting in Their room to be yelled at by everyone once they get back from the ammo store, they decides that with Raven's magic, they can run away into television. This way they can never be punish either; a win win. However, a masked visitor from the future has come to stop the 4 or They just might throw the U.S. into an apocalyptic world ruled by megatron.


20 years in the future, Knight prepares a time belt to use.  knight and Robin, who have grown into buff muscular rebels, are racing through the ruins of Jump City on a hover board while a mysterious masked man chases them. They fire lasers from devices strapped to their hands at each other, destroying much of the damaged city as they do this, including Titans tower, the head of a statue of a Goat, the watersons house and trailer while Bucky is still inside and sitting on the toilet. The masked man pleads to Moon and robin to give up, but they believe it is a trap. Robin stays behind and tries to stall the masked man, holding his staft, but the masked man easily dispatches him and zaps him with a laser, freezing robin in stasis. Moon has gotten ahead, and managed to make it to his old room where he completes a time belt so that he can go into the past and prevent the bad future from ever happening. But before he can get underway however, the masked man freezes Him . and takes the belt from him. A robed figure appears behind him, who gloats about having the time belt to use for her own power. The robed man pulls his hood back to reveal it is Megatron, now the Supreme Ruler of the World (he is later seen in attire similar to dictators like Adolf HitlerFidel Castro, and Joseph Stalin). He sends the masked man back in time to prevent the 4 from stopping her.

Moon ,Beast Boy Gumball and darwin had an idea to help this conception when Cyborg creates a spaceship known as the Squid Crusher (a parody of The Star Destroyer from the Star Wars films), from the program into his world and flies it around Detroit raining destruction and causing widespread panic on the streets below as Bumblebee becomes unsure of what theyare  doing and tells them that watching dangerous stunts on TV is one thing, but doing them in the real-world seems very dangerous. When they starts to crash, they uses a "Banzai Bubble" from his Maho Mushi cards and then starts plummeting toward the autobot base . Inside, Optimus Prime  was on hard work cleaning his base , and is about to have the matrix of leadership when the 4  comes crashing in, bounces around the base, completely trashing the place before bouncing back out, leaving a shocked Optimus behind, who is even more horrified when ultra magnus when comes in, sees the office trashed, and immediately gives the award to his rival sentienl prime , much to Optimus's dismay( as he got his head hit with plaster after growls sentinels name ) . Elsewhere, the titans  is about to fight the hive, when the 4 collides into it causing it to shatter, just moments before the transaction was to be completed. All that remains now is a pile of broken stuff and escaped . Robin hangs his head in anger, and goes away saying "I'll get a broom". The watersons were cleaning their house when they were crashed into the 4 and trashed it leving nicole infuriated 

Running through the streets, The autobots, the titans and the watersons bump into each other while looking for the four of them, the cause of their problems. It doesn't take long before they comes to them, landing on top of both of them before his Banzai Bubble pops. As eveyone stare at Them angrily after the four falls to the ground and is about to be punished, while something happens in a nearby alleyway. A green light and electrical sparks fill the alley, and the masked man from the future appears. He spies on them , who is being dragged away by Their enraged parents and team. Before he can get out of the alley though, two police officers pull into the alley. The masked man jumps into a nearby dumpster and hides, but the cops come by and sit on the dumpster so they can talk about water and enjoy donuts and coffee for "hours and hours on end", making them thinking that they could be more thirsty than they thought. 

Meanwhile at everyone's house,/base Everyone scold Them for mimicking a violent television program after they discovered that all of the violence that They imitated were all from Maho Mushi. Fisrt  Optimus Prime and prowl told Moon to not watch Maho Mushi anymore and watch an educational program, like Dictator Week on the Biography Channel, but Moon Knight refuses. this makes Optimus angry when he realize that He cannot trust Moon to not mimic television, and therefore they cannot trust Him with television at all and so, he angrily shouts at moon knight about no TV but moon knight shrugs so they take away Moon's watching television privilege, and hire Ratchet to watch him and make sure he is forbidden to watch television while Optimus goes back to work. Before They can leave Moon begs his Leader not to leave him with longarm, and that shockwave is evil. Optimus briefly suspect something about Him, but they shrug it off after Prowl showers him with cheap gifts he got. Optimus runs off to gloat about his gifts to Sentinel. After Optimus left the base . Leaving Moon knight Infuriated with his glowing Red decpeticon eyes.

At the watersons House Nicole and richard yells at gumball and darwin for this mess They punished them with grounded for 5 months ( much to gumball and darwins horror). Finally the teen titans angrily yelled at beast boy for letting a criminal escape and they punished him by grounded for 6 months ( and took away his stuff in the process ) much to his upsetsome.

in their rooms Moon Knight ,gumball, darwin and beast boy were upset and angry over this setback Moon Knight became so angry that he was changed into a demon ( same thing as ravens as purple smoke and flames came out ) and yells i will send you to Trigon Raven!!! and revirts to his self agian. as they escaped their windows and homes. 

But it wasn't until long arm changed into shock wave and destroyed the autobot base which infuriates optimus prime and Prowl. 

as they were in the forest they met each other and worried about what their friends feel about them but before they can do anything else Then megaton appeard and his decepticons prepare to fight the 4. But moon knight turns feirce to him as his battle mask came up and growled who sent you here?.

Megatron turns his arm into a battle blaster as gumball and Darwin back up in fear as moon knight turns his hand into a battle ax as he and megaton fought he called his team to kill him blitzwing turns his cold face into a red face and points his blasters at moon knight as if it was bad he ran away

then suddenly an angry Optimus prime appears and he would threaten to fire moon knight but then Ultra Magnus comes by with the matrix of leadership The same moment where his commander was about to give Optimus the cleanest base award before he gave it to Sentinel due to his base being trashed by The 4 earlier) and sees the place even more trashed, so he tosses the award to Sentinel instead and leaves. This infuriates Optimus as he finally snaps as he can no longer take Sentinel prime getting awards and money that should have been awarded to him. As he draws his ax out very hard and when he realizes the rocket launcher is out of ammo and he cannot fire it at Sentinel primes base ) but moon uses amnesia spray on Optimus to forget about everything from the moment Moon knight from everything from the moment

Moon knight is concerned about this he asked Optimus what is going on but then Prowl appears he

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