• Itsme226


    January 6, 2013 by Itsme226

    Okay Fellow Cartoon Network Fans,

    There's an upcoming Cartoon Network show called Grojband planned to air TBA 2013. The show is about a 13 year old boy named Corey Riffen who starts his own band in his garage. It is created by Mark Thornton and David Kauffman who are from the Total Drama Franchise. There's a wiki for it called Grojband Show Wiki. Please DO NOT go to because no one knows who the founder is and it has nothing on it at all. I ask you today if you could at least join the Grojband Show Wiki Community or acknowledge the topic in a chatroom conversation. Because we need all the help we can get.

    The name is Grojband Show Wiki. 

    You can visit at


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  • ATfan

    I'm back yay!

    December 25, 2012 by ATfan

    I'm glad I'm finally unblocked :)  With the fear of possibly becoming blocked again, I want to say that I'm sorry for whatever I did to deserve blocking.  I'll try my best to edit with accurate information.  Also, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Thanks for reading.

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  • Blue Bandit

    Fanfiction :)

    December 20, 2012 by Blue Bandit

    Working on a new's also being published on WattPad (anyone heard of it?)

    It'll be an adventurous sort of story, I think! Hmmm..maybe I will write a prologue to see if anyone is interested.

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  • Infernofire

    One Question

    October 26, 2012 by Infernofire

    What means Gam?

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  • Jaymoon12

    Its my Birrrtthhdayyyy

    September 24, 2012 by Jaymoon12

    Its my birthday today! So happy and excited! Jay :•3

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  • Eoghan Christie

    One of the guest stars Michael Clarke Duncan died from heart problems. He appeared in the episode Cyborg the Barbarian as the voice of Krall.

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  • Omerseter

    My Superheroes

    August 14, 2012 by Omerseter

    My favorite superhero is Raven

    so i creat a superhero that he's raven son

    His name is Omar Roth

    A.K.A "DemonSlide"

    his powers are:

    Flight (he can fly)

    Sorcery (his have a powers of a big sorcerer)

    Telekinesis (can move objects with his mind)

    Astral Projection (he can "Out Body Experience")

    Energy Projection (he can control,generate or absorb energy)

    He born on earth

    he is a Half Human and Half Demon

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  • DrakeTrey5

    Heres Some Ideas

    July 30, 2012 by DrakeTrey5

    First of all, who all thought that the end of the fith season with things change was completely bogus. I used to watch Teen Titans when it first came out, then just recently got all the seasons and watched them. What was the deal with slade coming back as a robot to attack beast boy and tell him to leave Terra alone? Did the real Slade send the drone? And what ever happened to Slade after the apocalypse when he fought Trigon. They really need to make a sixth season explaining everything, including the mysterious monster they were fighting, instead of a chep animated series.

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  • Patrick yates

    hey who would win in a fight raven or star fire post after watching at least 12 teen titan episodes

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  • Dragon*Rider II


    July 22, 2012 by Dragon*Rider II
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  • Dragon*Rider II


    July 22, 2012 by Dragon*Rider II
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  • Andreana02

    Terra's powers

    July 21, 2012 by Andreana02

    This is one of the things I keep wondering about lately: can Terra control earth with her mind or can she only control it using her hands, feet, and other body parts like the earthbenders in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Legend of Korra" (which happen to be favorite cartoons of mine as well)?

    And for all those "Teen Titans" fans out there who love "Avatar: The Last Airbender" too, who do you think would win in an earthbending battle: Terra or Toph? I think either can win because Toph, though blind, can use seismic sense to predict Terra's next move and she can metalbend as well as sandbend but Terra can throw rocks which have been in the air (using her powers) for some time while flying by riding a boulder so Toph can't sense where …

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  • Whathopercy

    The creators of the popular show teen titans, which has been off the air for several years now (Which I still watch feverishly) have answered the call of fans wishing it to come back with a new show named Teen titans go. They are also including no continuity between this show and the last. There are also making a murder out of the animation, replacing the regular human beings with cheap chibi bodies. They also have no intention of answering ANY questions which were being shouted at the abrupt end of the past series. (Terra, RavenXBeast boy,Red X,weird concrete thing,Slade,etc.etc.)All of this is for the sake of a laugh.

    My question is:

    Scratch that, my question and statement are:

    1. How can you expect to get any viewers?

    2. I, sirs, am disgust…

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  • Dragon*Rider II

    Teen Titans Go is going to be reliesed?

    if so i want a character to be in Dc commics among it being in the teen titans...

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  • Dragon*Rider II

    over load.. i guess cuz, everyone calls me the energizer bunny cuzz i never quit at the the top of my game... neather does over load? i dont really know..

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  • Dragon*Rider II

    Ok, so I am still and all ways will be a fan of teen titans. But there is one character I would like to make friends with the teen titans and it is a new character. DC Comics has never came out with this character. His name is Dragon Rider. His nickname is Draco because in Greek mythology Dragon in there language was Draco. Draco was born on a planet named reptilian. A dragon cursed him. His curse stated that he would live to be 1000 years old but when he died he would only stay dead for 100 years. He would all ways sleep under the stars. But the one thing that planet Reptilian did not have was a moon instead it had a comet. When Draco was 10 he had gotten a skill that most Reptilians did not have was the power to space travel through a wo…

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  • Dragon*Rider II

    hello? any one here? i swear its like i am in a gohst town....



    hmm i wonder if any of the titans use this blog...

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  • Dragon*Rider II

    why is the chat room so quiet? its um like when i moved to wasilla back in 1998... like a ghost town... never the less very few that did live in alaska rode panguins to work... lol..

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  • Killowat

    Your Team of Titans

    July 12, 2012 by Killowat

    I really want to know who you guys would put on a Teen Titans team. I'm making all the bad guys good as well, so out of all the good and bad guys, who would you put on your own team?

    Example..mine would be:

    Killowat, Kyd Wykkyd, Kid Flash, Bushido, and Hot Spot.


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  • Bathammer3

    Do the rest of you think that Beast Boy and Robin should have more off a big brother-little brother relationship. Kind of like when Beast Boy was upset about Terra that Robin should have comforted him and hugged him? Or when he found out that Terra betrayed the Titans to work for Slade, Robin should've found him in the House of Mirrors and consoled him? I know that Robin cares about Beast Boy, but he never shows it or tells him. I think that Dick and Gar should have a more stronger friendship, making them have a big brother little brother relationship. What do you think? Be honest.

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  • Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles

    I did some research and found out in season 6 Terra was supposed to regain her memory and help the Titans take down Slade one last time.

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  • ATfan

    Fan Art Attempt

    June 20, 2012 by ATfan

    My favorite character on Teen Titans would probably have to be Starfire, because, like me, she is sometimes overly optimistic and also confused at times. Now I realize that it doesn't look very good, but it was my first try. I will continue to practice until I can draw her perfectly. As you can see I have a problem with eyes and hands, which I will work on.

    I have finished my second drawing of Starfire, and I think I am getting better with each try!

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  • 123yael

    Ok so me and my niece are in TT and I knew that it was canceled but I do not know when cuz I was very little at the time but the few years I wacthed it I loved it as well but I missed seeing it on tv and then when I was 11 abell to see it cuz I had a bed time as I had school in the morning OK SO PLEASE DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME! and I had to go to bed right when it came on but when I was 11 I was abell to see on ep a day but sadily my Mom and Dad had are box in there room and I was not abell to see it again then my brother put his in there but know every one gos in there when im wacthing tv and my brother wont let me wacth tv on that tv or use it but I look things up but my niece has a dvd of TT but see does not come to my house that much and s…

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  • ATfan

    Teen Titans News!

    May 31, 2012 by ATfan

    As you probably have guessed from my username, I am an Adventure Time fan. Just recently this year I became more interested in the Teen Titans after realizing that Hynden Walch, who plays Starfire, also plays Princess Bubblegum. You may already know this, but with the show no longer available on television (except for late hours on Boomerang) you probably want to know where you can watch Teen Titan episodes. I have good news! A Youtube user has created a channel made specifically for Teen Titans. The channel, titled xxkonan171xx, contains every single episode in a chonologicly organized playlist.

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  • Scarlet200

    Fan fiction

    May 26, 2012 by Scarlet200

    Hello every one or any one! :) im a new member to Teen titans wiki and Im actually wrighting a fan fiction Teen Titans! in still in the prsses of it and trying to get one of my characters degin SOON! So i was wondering if anyone would like to be intrested in reading it I will be posting the chapters in the blogs maybe and if I am not allowed to i will be posting them on a diffrent site and posting the link on my blog so you may all read it! :D I am i HUGE Teen Titan fan but i dont wanna call myself number 1 cause its not true i just know alot about it! But I will be posting about what my fan fiction will be i mean the little Bio about it... Im really excited to be working on this project and i am going to be working on the first chapter so…

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  • Vulter raven roth


    this is the new raven fan club only people who realy know about raven post picsand found data and share secrets about her

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  • Darth Riku

    New Teen Titans

    May 3, 2012 by Darth Riku

    What is your opinion about the "New Teen Titans" shorts on Cartoon Network during DC Nation? Write a critique here.

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  • Srebak

    Slade's Army

    March 23, 2012 by Srebak

    I have to ask, we all know Slade has basically an army of Robot Commandos at his command, yet we've never seen him actually lead them into battle. What's more, does that make Cinderblock, Plasmus and Terra generals in his army?

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  • Sbrady538

    Young Justice Post

    March 20, 2012 by Sbrady538

    I hav already seen a bit of Agendas and i hav seen the whole episode of Insecritey all on youtube but the sad news is that it was not in english but there was some english subtitles but they were good episodes but the i didn't really see much of Agendas also i think this thursday we well see 2 previews of the episode also i hav just found out 2day that Artemis , Superboy and Miss Martian are all hiding secrets Artemis is not telling the team tht Chesire is her sister and Sportsmaster is her father , Superboy is not telling the team that he was fighting another Superclone and saw Lex Luther and Miss Martian is hiding her true form and not telling the team that she had met Queen Bee

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  • Sbrady538

    Teen Titans Post

    March 20, 2012 by Sbrady538

    Subject: Starfire and Robin #1

    ok so even though the show ended a few years ago i still like going back to watch the episodes of and i even made them into DVDs also the best part of the Teen Titans are the Characters and the best 2 are Robin and Starfire they are the best characters because i just love the moments they hav 2gether and the best episodes of those 3 are Bethroned ,Date With Destiny and Stranded but the best moment they had together was when they had the very first real kiss in Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo

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  • Alex123star

    titans games

    March 19, 2012 by Alex123star

    star robin cybrg b.b. raven
    3 kisss 2 kisss ???? ????? ????
    loves robin loves star loves buble bee loves raven & terra loves b.b.
    hates kitten & blackfire hates bad guys & kitten hates a lot of things hates a lot hates every thing
    from tamaran from gotham city from jump city from africa from azarath Read more >
  • Baneares

    Titans shorts

    February 23, 2012 by Baneares

    Not sure how the blogs work here so I hope this gets seen but who else is major exicted for the dc nation block that is going to include little Teen Titans shorts.

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  • Rassilon of Old

    Cartoon Network has released the following press release and content announcing the official debut of DC Nation, the upcoming DC Comics-centric programming block, courtesy of the World's Finest.

    Continue below for the complete press release announcing the March 3rd, 2012 debut of DC Nation, a new programming block focused on DC Comics-related programming, including brand new Teen Titans shorts. Full details are available, along with content released by the network. Images and a Quicktime video are available to view on the World's Finest.

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  • AirForceGirl17


    January 12, 2012 by AirForceGirl17

    Hello, I'm a huge fan of the character Raven from Teen Titans and I just wanted to say a few things about why I like her so much. The reason why I like Raven so much is because I'm very much like her in so many ways and the reason for that is I took a personality test on Teen Titans and I got Raven as a match to my personality and my friend bought a paperweight of Raven and I wasso happy to receive it, I just decided to look up pictures of her and I found lots and lots of pictures and I just couldn't help but to save a bunch of the pictures to my computer so hope all of you Teen Titans Fans have a good weekend and I'll talk to you all later...Bye!!!!!

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  • LarytheCucumber

    Okay, this may sound weird, but I think they should make a teen titans movie of the episode Go! with Bella Thorne as Starfire, Adam Irogoyen as Robin, Roshon Fegan as Cyborg, Zendaya as Raven and Kenton Duty as Beast Boy. Weird, right? I just thought that they all kinda look like those characters and would be good to use... though Kenton Duty is kinda tall for Beast Boy... and he's not green...they'd solve that with dye... Still, I like my idea. Comment 'bout whatcha think!!

    Here are some edited photos of BB, Starfire, and Raven as the actors above:

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  • Beast Boy Cahill

    Why no badges?

    January 2, 2012 by Beast Boy Cahill

    All the other wikis I ever joined had badges and leaderboards. Why doesn't this wiki have 'em?

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  • Iconicjeni


    December 25, 2011 by Iconicjeni

    anyone know if they still sell the teen titans go comics ?

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  • Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles

    I bet that I'm the Titans' #1 fan!!!

    I'm a hardcore Titan nerd (very proud)!!!!

    BE JEALOUS!!!!!  ; D

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  • MultiShipper

    Raven & Robin

    October 9, 2011 by MultiShipper

    Okay before I get further ahead I AM A RAE/ROB SHIPPER!

    Okay so I found the cute together since I was younger.

    Birthmark was always my fave eppy bye.

    Don't hate!

    I see those 2 comments.

    You should be on ur account bcuz ur IP addresses are showing.

    Raven and Robin understand each other

    Raven's been in Robin's mind.

    They Have a special bond that nobody not even Star-yuck can break.

    Hate me or not but this is my opinion.

    See my pic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

    Don't hate on my page or blog.

    You ppl just know that their perfect for each other.

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  • IFreddie100


    September 3, 2011 by IFreddie100

    Leave A Comment if you want me to upload photos about titans like my profile+ 21:26, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

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  • DenaliLover


    July 12, 2011 by DenaliLover

    Hi here are some avatars I made. I made it at, I got the website from the Twilight Saga Wiki. But anyway chack these avatars I made, they're awesome!

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  • Jlurocks

    Oh Man

    July 3, 2011 by Jlurocks

    I still wish cartoon network would still play this show. This show was off the chain.

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  • DenaliLover

    Don't you think Beast Boy is so cute? I just like his voice it's so cute!!!!!!

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  • Coolercooler1144

    Who is Robin?

    March 1, 2011 by Coolercooler1144

    >> Which Robin Is It Anyway?

    One of the most debated topics of TEEN TITANS: Which Robin is behind the mask? Is it Tim Drake? Dick Grayson? Jason Todd? Some of the series creators provide some answers....

    Will The Real Boy Wonder Please Stand Up?

    Robin, A.K.A. Dick Grayson, is the traditional leader of the comic book Teen Titans. However, the look of the animated team's leader mirrors that of third-string Boy Wonder Tim Drake. So just who is this Cartoon Network teenager posing as Batman's former sidekick? "In my mind, it's Dick Grayson just because that's what I grew up reading in the comic," says Glen Murakami. "But I think continuity-wise it might not make sense to people because if it's Dick Grayson then it's Like, 'Oh, well, when does thi…

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  • Rassilon of Old

    Wiki Merging

    February 23, 2011 by Rassilon of Old

    Hi there Teen Titans Wiki community, I am Rassilon of Old, a long time editor and administrator of the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki. Recently, both the Teen Titans Wiki and the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki have been fairly inactive, and in the light of the drastic situation, I have come up with a solution.

    Merging both of the wikis together, to form a larger wiki will bring more users to the wiki, and increase traffic between the main and fanon portals. But this move can only be made if you help us. Right now on Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki, we are discussing this, and we need the input of as many users as possible.

    You may have noticed that your admins are inactive, if the wikis are merged, new admins will be selected from our community, to…

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  • Anzar

    i think i found some clues that the robin in teen titans is tim drake. first of i think teen titans take place after the flash back scene in batman beyond; return of the joker.

    1. in GO ! robin calls being with batman kid stuff, the same thing he says in batman beyond return of the joker when terry questions him.

    2. i think his personality is different from his in the the batman adventures because this is after the joker had tortured in the flash back scene of return of the joker. making him more stern and serious.

    3. i think the future scene with nightwing is only a possible future and not definitive.

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  • Zaqxswcde76

    You can make your own hero. I know I must be annoying for commenting again but anyways it's at Hope you can contribute.

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  • Zaqxswcde76

    Please See My Wiki

    October 12, 2010 by Zaqxswcde76

    Hey, I would like if some of ypu checked out my wiki I just made. It's a fanfiction were you make your own hero. It's at

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  • EspadaXIII

    I've read some articles saying Teen Titans is coming back:

    1. Greg Cipes (voice of Beast Boy) says that Teen Titans is comming back in like 2012 or something to promote the live action movie.

    2. Glen Murakami (creator of TT animatied ) said that he will get back to TT when he's done working on Ben 10 Ulimate Alien.

    These could be false though (and I really hope they're not) but if any one has any info can you PLEASE post it?!?!?!

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  • LYSSI12346

    You got to be kidding me how can such a peace loveing boy be SLADE SON SLADE IS MEAN AND BLACK HEARTED HOW COULD HE BE AT ALL RELETED TO HIM what do you think????????????????

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