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Quote1 I'm Aqualad. Sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. We Atlanteans try to keep a low profile. Quote2
Aqualad introducing himself in Deep Six

Aqualad is a young superhero from Atlantis and a founding member of Titans East.


Aqualad is a marine telepath who once lived in the utopia of Atlantis. He can communicate with fish using his telepathic powers, though these powers are susceptible to nullification from the human-affecting psychic ones of Brother Blood.

He was first seen in Deep Six, when the Titans went underwater to stop the villain Trident. When Trident blasted their T-Ship towards the point where the engines stopped working, Aqualad summoned two whales to save their ship. This hit Beast Boy's nerve because it was supposed to be his mission. Aqualad took them to his home, where he called upon his companion, Tramm, to help fix the ship. Starfire and Raven developed crushes on him soon after. While the Titans stayed at Aqualad's base, Beast Boy and Aqualad went to look for Trident. Because of Beast Boy's jealousy, their mission was somewhat hindered and they did not cooperate like a team until Aqualad said that he was not better than Beast Boy. They managed to find Trident's base and found many "eggs" on the ceiling of Trident. This is how he was cloning himself. Aqualad and Beast Boy managed to escape, and just when things seemed hopeless, the T-Ship arrived, fully repaired thanks to Tramm. The T-Ship blasted the cave, blocking the Trident clones and preventing them from escaping. Soon after, Robin gave Aqualad a communicator, and the episode ended with Beast Boy and Aqualad racing.

Beast Boy and Aqualad

Aqualad befriending Beast Boy

He appeared again in Wavelength, where he tracked Brother Blood's new base underwater. He and Beast Boy went to disable the force field shielding the sonic cannon Blood was going to use to destroy Jump City, but they had to be rescued from a crushing wall first.

In For Real, Control Freak's challenge for him is stopping polluted water from flowing into the reservoir on the other side of town while fighting a mechanical shark. Aqualad completed this challenge by plugging the polluted water flow with the mechanical shark. Aqualad is the first Titan to finish Control Freak's challenge.

Aqualad isn't seen until the episode Calling All Titans when Robin established the communication system. Shortly after, when the Brotherhood of Evil unleashed their plans, Aqualad was attacked by Plasmus and Trident. He managed to hold his own for a little while, but even when Tramm came to help, both were defeated and flash-frozen at the Brotherhood base.

When Beast Boy led Pantha, Mas, Jericho, and the Herald to the Brotherhood base, Mas managed to reach Menos and together, the two unfroze the captured Titans. Aqualad was seen washing away General Immortus and his robot army. After the Titans' victory, Aqualad socialized with the rest of the Titans at the Tower and later helped in the capture of Doctor Light.

Aqualad made a small cameo in Trouble in Tokyo , where he waved at the T-Ship from the sea.


Aqualad is a fairly noble-hearted, charming, calm and collected individual. He is extremely intelligent and a super genius. He and Robin are the two most intelligent geniuses on the show. He has his doubts, but doesn't disrespect an authority's commands. He is fairly competitive, especially with Beast Boy, and is confident that he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. Aqualad doesn't seem to notice his good looks, and instead of bragging about it or trying to impress females, he feels rather uncomfortable with girls who are infatuated with him. Beast Boy thinks he's a little arrogant with all the bluffing.

Aqualad is shown to have a strong fondness for sea creatures, especially fish. When presented with fish tacos from Speedy, Aqualad freaked out, stating that "those were probably friends of [his]!".


Aqualad wears a blue and black turtleneck unitard with white zig-zag patterns all over it. Aqualad has long, black hair that runs down to his shoulders even on dry land it always appears wet or slicked back, and seems fairly muscular. Aqualad appears to be very handsome, as Raven and Starfire were attracted to him as soon as they saw him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Aquatic Life Manipulation: Telepathic control over marine life. This also allows him to talk to fish or whales, even people who takes the form of marine animals such as beast boy, who can't talk in his animal form.
  • Superhuman Strength, Endurance, Durability, Agility, Reflexes, and Senses: Befitting his Atlantean physiology, Aqualad physical durability allows him to survive in the intense deep sea pressures (swimming at least half a mile underwater the depth of whales, he can withstand pressures of 1,400 psi)
  • Superspeed Swimming: He is able to swim at supersonic speeds.
  • Hydrokinesis: The psionic, elemental ability to create, control, and manipulate liquid water.
  • Underwater Breathing: Given his Atlantean physiology, Aqualad can breathe underwater.

Character Facts

  • In the DC comics, Aqualad is originally the sidekick of Aquaman. He later leaves the Sea King when the

    Garth in the old comics.

    former is forced to kill Aqualad in order to save his son from his archenemy, Black Manta, who kills the child anyway. This act causes Aqualad to lose his trust in Aquaman and leave him.
  • In DC comics, Aqualad was one of the original founding five, next to Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), and Speedy (Roy Harper). Aqualad later changes his name to Tempest
  • In the comic book continuity, there are two Aqualads. The first Aqualad, Garth-the one featured in the show-teamed up to start the original Teen Titans team. The second, Kaldur'ahm took his place when Garth became Tempest
  • Garth also appears in Young Justice fighting alongside Aqualad/Kaldur'ahm

    Aqualad's Status

  • Aqualad is the second supporting character (after Thunder and Lightning) to become an Honorary Titan.
  • Aqualad's power to control water has only been seen by breaking indoor plumbing. It is unknown whether he can shoot water without plumbing. Fortunately, he has the skills to repair what he breaks.


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Video Game Appearances

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